2021 do as i do 

video contest 


This is our Do as I Do Video Contest People´s choice Winner for Complex and Funny categories.

Liliana Tamberi and her dog Jack

This is our Do as I Do Video Contest choice Winner by the Judges for Complex and Funny categories.

Stephanie Nooonan and her Kenzie.

See You on our Next Year´s Contest! Go on and get Certified to participate!

who can participate?

All the certified Doitters can participate! Any dog that has obtained the Basic Do as I Do certificate (or Do as I Do Trainer Certificate)

what is it about?

Its about fun! We want you and your dog to enjoy Do as I Do training and use it to teach a funny and / or complex actions. 

The funniest behavior and the most complex one will be the winners of the 2021 video contest! 

There are 2 categories:
1. The funniest
2. The most complex 


You can choose in which category you want your video to participate and you can also submit different videos for the two categories.
Max 3 videos per category per dog. If you have two or more certified dogs, you can participate with both of them, but every dog can participate with max 3 videos per category

how to participate?

1) Submissions start July 17th 2021

Send us:
– A copy of your Do as I Do certificate
– Your video(s)
– The name of your dog(s) participating in the contest
– Your name and contact (email or WhatsApp number)
– Please, specify the category in which you want your video to participate

How to submit

your video (s)?

All of the above should be sent via email to: fumi@doasido.it
Videos can be sent using GoogleDrive, Filemail or Wetransfer.

All videos will be published in our social media: Youtube, FB and Instagram. 

what should be in the video? 

In the video we would like to see at least part of the training process and the final outcome. …Demonstration + do it!
Videos can be edited as you like! It is all about fun and good training (You can use music, effects etc etc.) Note: Music must be free of copy Rights or of your own authorship. 
Unleash your fantasy and your dog’s potential!
See this video as a sample:

videos should be no more than 3.5 minutes

the winners: 


1) A winner for every category 1. funniest behavior and 2. most complex behavior. Voted by the public.

The winner voted by the public will be the one who has received more “likes” on all of the social media (yes, the same person can vote on more than one media and all of the votes count).

2) And a winner for every category

1. funniest behaviour and 2. most complex behaviour.

Voted by the Do as I Do Team:    Claudia Fugazza, Marco Ojeda, Fumi Higaki, and our Certified Trainers :  Chie Kikuchi and Nobuyo Konoha



The winners of the 2021 Do as I Do video challenge will be announced on our social media and website on 18th of November 2021 and will receive a copy of the book “The Dog, A Natural History” signed by the authors.

The winners will also be published on our website.


deadline to send the videos October 17 th 2021

But keep in mind that, the sooner you send the videos, the more “likes” you may get by the public. So… the sooner the better!

how can you become a
certified do as i do trainer?