Is Do as I Do only for profesional dog trainers?

Do as I Do
Courses for owners

Have you ever wondered what are the real capabilities of your dog? Through this scientific protocol our trainers offer assitance for anyone wanting to do more with their dog.


I. Pre-training for Do as I Do (Basic):

  • Teaching verbal cue

  • Teaching to maintaing the inicial position (stay)

  • Some other obedience issues

II. Do as i do basic level

  • Teach the imitation rule

  • Phase one: three actions

  • Second phase: 6 actions

    EXAM: Imitate six actions with a novel demonstrator (2 sessions of 6 trials each) with an unfamiliar demonstrator from the Do as I Do team. Your dog will  have to imitate a new behavior (touch a book with a paw). 

Do as i do 


  • Two actions on the same object

  • Behaviour sequences

  • new bodymovements (right and left paw etc.)

  • teaching name of the objects

  • dog-dog imitation

  • repeat the own behavior

  • the new behaviors put verbal cue

  • generalized the verbal cues (for example: pull off a socks, pullover, glove)

  • generalized the objects


Do as I do trainer certificate:


10 occasions: practice: 5 occasions with own dog: how to tech new behaviour with Do as I do method

5 occasion: How to teach do as I do basic?