2022 do as i do 

video contest 


who can participate?


All the certified Doitters can participate! Any dog that has obtained the Basic Do as I Do certificate (or Do as I Do Trainer Certificate)

what is it about?

There are many forms of social learning, such as goal emulation, local enhancement and stimulus enhancement. However, the focus of Do as I Do is imitation, that is social learning about actions (body movements).

This year contest tests your dog’s imitative skills! How? By the use of the two (or more)-action test

There are 2 categories:
1. The funniest

2. The most complex


1. funniest behavior (this includes funny demonstrations, bloopers, theme clothing) be creative and make us SMILE!!! 

2. most complex behavior (show us your skills with how many actions your dog can do with one object, you can be creative with sequences) SURPRISE US!!!

                                      (Please have a look at the rules before planning your videos) 

You will find the videos that are submitted by the participants on our Official facebook event page.

If you enjoy them, express your vote by liking them there! 

how to participate?

Send us:
– A copy of your Do as I Do certificate
– Your video(s)
– The name of your dog(s) participating in the contest
– Your name and contact (email or WhatsApp number)
– Please, specify the category in which you want your video to participate

* Maximum 2 video submissions per certified dog in each category.

How and when

to submit

your video (s)?

Summision starts on the 15 th of June 2022.

All of the above should be sent via email to: fumi@doasido.it
Videos can be sent using GoogleDrive, Filemail or Wetransfer.

All videos will be published in our social media: Youtube, FB and Instagram. 

what should be in the video? 

Here are the rules!

1. Actions cannot move the object (e.g., NO: knock over the cone; YES: touch cone with paw; YES: walk around the cone etc.)

2. Actions must use multiple body parts, such as legs, hands, nose and whole body!
3. The video must be less than 3 minutes and cannot be edited.




the winners: 



Public and Judges’ votes for each category

● Public Votes:

The winner voted by the public will be the one who has received more “likes” on all of the social media (yes, the same person can vote on more than one media and all of the votes count).

● Judges Votes:

The Do as I Do Team and certified trainers will vote a winner for each category.



The winners of the 2022 Do as I Do video challenge will be announced on our social media and website on 9th of October 2022.

The winners will  be published on the Do as I Do website for 1 year.

deadline to send the videos september 30 th 2022

Keep in mind that, the sooner you send the videos, the more “likes” you may get by the public. So… the sooner the better!

how can you become a
certified do as i do trainer?