2023 do as i do 

video contest 



This is our Do as I Do Video Contest  Winners for Complex category.

1st place: The to Do list

Liliana Tamberi and her dog Jack from Italy

2nd place: Taskmaster

Katarzyna Jakubowska and her dogs Whiskey & Pozor from Poland

Next is the winner of the funny category!

1st place: The Quiz Show

Yukiko and her dog Fua from Japan

2nd place: Ninja Dog

Yukiko and her dog Fua from Japan

See You on our Next Year´s Contest! Go on and get Certified to participate!

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who can participate?

All the certified Doitters can participate! Any dog that has obtained the Basic Do as I Do certificate (or Do as I Do Trainer Certificate)

what is it about?

Its about fun! We want you and your dog to enjoy Do as I Do training and use it to teach a funny and / or complex actions. 


what should be in the video? 

In the video we would like to see at least part of the training process and the final outcome. …Demonstration + do it!
Videos can be edited as you like! It is all about fun and good training (You can use music, effects etc etc.) Note: Music must be free of copy Rights or of your own authorship. 
Unleash your fantasy and your dog’s potential!
See this video as a sample:

videos should be no more than 3.5 minutes

how can you become a
certified do as i do trainer?