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6il cane impara guardandociE’ uscito il mio libro + DVD: “DO AS I DO il cane impara guardandoci” edito da Haqihana.

Scoprirete in modo semplice cos’è l’apprendimento sociale, come insegnare al vostro cane ad imitarvi e come usare le sue capacità imitative per insegnargli nuovi comportamenti!

Per ordinare il libro + DVD:



DVD of a Do as I Do seminar (English) edited by Tawzerdog:



Book + DVD in English: Do as I Do. Using social learning to train dogs. Editor: Dogwise



Libro + DVD in spagnolo: DO AS I DO Haz lo que yo hago  Editore: Dogalia


Buch + DVD auf Deutsch: DO AS I DO Machs mir nach Editor: Dogfriend 



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6 pensieri su “Libro e DVD

  1. Will there be an english version of your book? If so when? Do you have translators yet?

    Also, will you be bringing out a DVD? German oder English????



  2. Great!!!! Will the spanish version come before the english version? I’ts hard to wait 😉 (but I’ll wait as much as necessary, of course, please keep me updated on the releases

    Ciao, see you at the webinar.. right now 🙂

  3. Ciao Claudia,

    Is there an english version of your book and dvd? I’m spanish, but I’m afraid maybe Iwon’t understand Italian enough as to get along with your book,
    Thanks in advance, and congrats for your interesting work

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