* This exam is only available for the students enrolled in the Do as I Do online classes taught by Official or Certified Do as I Do Trainers listed in the registry (https://www.doasido.it/certified-trainers/)

The online exam will be held on Zoom.

This exam is divided into two parts: theory and practice.


The exam questions will be presented on the screen and the candidate will type her/his answers in the chat box.

The theory part consists of a 10 multiple choice and true or false questions.

The topics are taken from material presented during DO AS I DO seminars and courses as well as books and DVDs we have referenced.

Social learning, imitation, other social learning processes.

Do as I Do training protocol, training phases.


  • The practice part of the exam will be conducted by the candidate herself/himself with the dog she or he trained. The candidate will test the dog in 2 sessions of 6 trials each, on 6 familiar actions (at least two without objects) chosen by the candidate. The judge will determine the order of the 6 actions. The candidate will turn around before she/he gives “Do it” cue so he/she is not facing the dog when the dog is reproducing the actions.

  • The camera must be set so the judges can see the candidate’s and the dog’s whole bodies as well as the objects. Every candidate is required to set up a backup camera to record the exam session. The second camera must be set in the same way as explained above. The recording will need to be submitted later.

  • The dog will then be tested on the spot on a novel action chosen by the judges. The ‘Do it!’ cue is given while looking straightforward and not looking at the dog.

    What we do

    In the following video you can see clips of the

    Online Exam

    After passing the exam, the owner will receive the

    Official Do as I Do First Level Certificate.

    Important note: it is required to have passed the exam for this certification to be able to apply for a Do as I Do Trainer.