online do as i do 
training classes

English, Italiano, Español, 日本語

What you get!

benefits of attending our classes:

  • Live one on one tutoring by one of the Official Do as I Do team members.
  • Provides the best foundation for dog and handler to learn and to progress through the preliminary phase and the Do as I Do training method protocol correctly, avoiding common mistakes and training in the most efficient way.
  • Tailored sessions based on each individual dog’s needs and predispositions.
  • Training sessions at home can provide the best environment for your dog to learn without the stress and distractions of less familiar environments.  
  • Video recording of the session for you to go trough it on your own time (If you choose to use Skype as your learning platform, your sessions can be recorded and you can review them in your own time).


our online classes are suitable for Any level

of preparation
beginners and experts

Each one-on-one class will be customized according to the needs and predispositions of each dog as well as the flexibility of each owner.

English, Italiano, español, 日本語

How do our classes work?

It is a live private online class in which our official Do as I Do Trainer instructs you to train your dog to progress appropriately through the Do as I Do training  protocol.

Our goal is to provide the best foundation, guide you, teach the imitation rule to your dog, generalize it and apply it to train new behaviors.

Successful training is now within your reach!

Scientific studies (Fugazza and Miklósi 2014; 2015) showed that dogs learn faster with this method and they remember and generalize more the learned behaviors.


The learning speed and signs of progress will depend

on each person and dog.

Let’s do it!