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DO AS I DO seminar

First level seminar about dog’s social learning and “Do as I Do”

We offer: An event componed by a two Hours webinar and a two days live seminar, including theory and practice.

You will get the scientific, technical, and practical foundation of the “Do as I Do” method.

Objective: Participants will gain complete information about social learning in dogs and the Do as I Do training method, learning how to apply it with their own dogs.

Target: This seminar is intended for all canine professionals, and canine expert amateur. For those people who want to be updated with new training methods and also scientific studies. For those who want to learn how to apply social learning in their daily dog training programs.

Lecturer: Dr. Claudia Fugazza and the Official Do as I Do Trainers 

Whatch video of the requirements:


Before starting the Do as I Do training the dog must be trained to sit and stay  

and to perform 3 imitable actions on verbal cue.

The Do as I Do Method

“Recent ethological studies revealed the social cognitive abilities of dogs and demonstrated that they are surprisingly predisposed to learn socially from humans.”

Do as I Do second level seminar

A two days seminar including theory and practice.

During the seminar, according to the preferences of the organizer, we can focus on different topics: teaching new behaviors, behaviour sequences, deferred imitation, scientific approach on how to test dogs to investigate on their cognitive abilities (the attendees can participate with their dogs in experiments), preparation for the Do as I Do Basic Certificate.

Do as I Do second level seminar:

Requirements: The attendees with dogs should have trained their dogs with the Do as I Do method to imitate 6 familiar behaviours. The attendees without dog should have attended the 1st level seminar or have read the Do as I Do book.

Objective: The participants will gain skills on how to use this method in advanced dog training and will learn how to properly train their dogs for the Do as I Do Basic Certificate. The attendees will also be updated with the most recent scientific discoveries on dogs’ social cognitive abilities.

Target: This course is suggested for dog professionals and dog experts and amateur who want to be updated and learn the most recent training techniques and scientific studies on dog social cognition.

Lecturer: Dr. Claudia Fugazza

Required: In order to participate in a second level Do as I Do seminar your dog needs 6 behaviors only by imitation, have a look at this video sample.

First & Second Level Seminar