Marco Ojeda

Official Do as I Do Trainer

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Do as I Do
Languages:                Spanish, English


The Dog and human relationship are what have always attracted my attention and devotion. The search to communicate more deeply. To be in contact, converse, comprehend, understand, to live with dogs and not just train them.

I formally started my education on dog training and behavior in the year 2000, and since then I’ve attended various specialized seminars. I have extensive experience from working with hundreds of dogs and humans along the way.

And so, came into my life this method; Do as I do has opened a new chapter for me and I’m sure it will also do for many more people. My experience has not only shown me how this method is a powerful and efficient tool, but how it also deepens the relationship between humans and dogs. 

I’m honored to work with the Official Do as I Do team; where I train people from around the world and also collaborate with Dr. Claudia Fugazza by directing the training of dogs for experimental studies. Marco has given seminars on social learning in puppies and Do as I Do seminars in Latin America and Europe. His online classes and webinars reach all over the world.

Together with Dr. Claudia Fugazza, Marco have devised training methods for puppies relying on social learning. 

As a trainer, he has collaborated with the University of Budapest on studies on memory and self-awareness in dogs and social learning in puppies.

He’s also interested in studying free-roaming dogs as a model for a better understanding of the species and their relationship with humans and its aplications in dog training.

Living in México, my work as a dog behavior consultant takes me to travel all around this beautiful and colorful country.

My private practice focuses in educating people, and in that path,    I’ give workshops on dog training for dog owners, rescue groups, shelters and dog trainers.

Photography is one of my passions since a young age, although      I’m not a professional at it, my photographic collection “Walking together” (Caminando Juntos) the indescribable, yet perceivable bond, the dog-human relationship has been shown in galleries and maybe one day will become a photo book.  


Have a look at my photography on Instagram @vivirconperros 



Email: marcodoasido@gmail.com