Sara Tagliati

Official Do as I Do Certifier & Trainer

About me

Do as I Do

Languages:      Italian,English


From my birth I always lived with animals; having my grandfather’s farm for playground. In 1999 Kelly entered my life, a troublesome and noble mix-breed. She has been my first teacher and from here I learned a lot about living with dogs. Together we participated to many Agility competitions and disputed in 3 IMCA world-championships. I really enjoyed swimming together with my malinois, with her I crossed many lakes, now she isn’t with us anymore, but many swimmers still remember Mayonaise.

 I’m a professional dog trainer and an expert in behaviour adaption. When I decided to end my career in engineering to dedicate myself full-time to dog-training, I pursued a university-level instruction by first doing a master in dog training and then a master in etology of pets.

 I travel in the whole world as Do as I Do instructor and certificator, in collaboration with Claudia Fugazza, a researcher at the University of Budapest, helping her also in some practical parts of her scientific studies. In Italy, I’m technical director of the Istruzione Cinofila association, where I mainly educate and re-educate dogs, and work with dogs in water. In 2004 I stopped doing competitions to dedicate myself to the behaviour and management aspects of living with a dog.

I’m an adjunct professor for the master in Dog Training at the University of Padova.