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The official do as i do team

Do as I Do is a scientific paradigm devised to study animals' imitation skills.

Dr. Claudia Fugazza, an Ethologist and former dog trainer, discovered its potential to teach new actions to dogs and introduced it in the applied field of dog training.

Since then she has built a team with people who share the passion for dogs, science, discoveries, and training, intending to bring knowledge about dog training forward around the world.

The official Do as I Do team members give seminars, workshops, and online training classes, and organize events to spread the knowledge about how to train dogs based on the most scientifically advanced and ethologically oriented approaches.

Claudia Fugazza

[Ethologist, researcher of the Family Dog Project University of Budapest]

Marco Ojeda

[Official Do as I Do Trainer]

Fumi Higaki

[Official Do as I Do Trainer]


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Do as I Do is a Dog training method

based on dogs social cognitive skills, particularly, on their predisposition to learn socially from humans.